Navigable Intelligent Visualization for Diagnosis and Treatment Ziostation2


Comprehensive Multi-Modality Advanced Processing and Viewing Solutions

Ziostation2 provides advanced visualization software for the analysis of the entire body across multiple clinical specialties using data from various modalities (CT/MRI/SPECT/PET).

Standard Protocols

  • 3D Analysis
  • Multi-Data Fusion
  • PET/CT Fusion
  • MR/MR Fusion
  • Viewer
  • CT Subtraction
  • SlabMIP
  • 4D Analysis
  • Multi-Data Compare
  • 4D TIC
  • Advanced MPR Batch

CT Applications


  • CT Perfusion
  • CT Volume Perfusion
  • CT Dental Viewer


  • CT Coronary Analysis
  • CT Coronary Analysis Basic
  • CT Calcium Scoring
  • CT Cardiac Function
  • CT/SPECT Cardiac Fusion
  • TAVR
  • CT Myocardial Perfusion
  • CT Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion
  • EP Planning
  • CT RV Cardiac Function


  • CT Pulmonary Analysis
  • CT Lesion Analysis


  • CT Colon Analysis
  • CT Liver Analysis

MR Applications


  • MR Perfusion
  • MR Tractography


  • MR Coronary Analysis
  • MR Cardiac Function(LV)
  • MR Cardiac Function(RV)
  • MR Cardiac Time-Intensity
  • MR Cardiac Delayed Enhancement
  • MR Flow
  • MR Myocardial T1 Mapping


  • MR Perfusion


  • MR Tx Mapping

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