PhyZiodynamics Advanced Processing


4D/5D Advanced Processing and Invivo Viewer

Ziosoft offers an unprecedented “real-time” journey through the body non-invasively, supporting applications such as precise surgical and radiation therapy planning for a wide variety of organ targets – brain, lungs, heart and beyond.

PhyZiodynamics, an advanced 4D processing system, allows the automated registration of DICOM-based modality images into true fidelity 3D and 4D organ data sets which can be interactively interrogated throughout the entire structure while either still or in motion.

Key Features:

• Proven image noise reduction enabling low dose choice
• Deformable registration motion coherence with multi-data auto registration
• Dynamic, true fidelity 3D/4D
• “Real-time,” interactive interrogation of ROI – still and in motion


Dynamic Measurements

Based on unique, patent pending imaging algorithms, the PhyZiodynamics processing delivers deformable, voxel-to-voxel registration enabling unprecedented visual acuity and functional analysis of multimodality imaging parameters. This allows placement of dynamic measurement tools such as distance and area, that are placed in one phase and are accurately and automatically propagated to all phases. This eliminates the inherent error in manual placement across phases and allows unprecendented ability to observe and quantify detailed tissue motion. The highly accurate motion coherence and reproducible functional analytics produced by PhyZiodynamics paves the way to next generation imaging analytics and research.

Dynamic Measurements
Dynamic measurements for pre-surgical planning of TAVR