Ziostation REVORAS

Empowering Surgeons with Cutting-Edge, 3D Simulation Solutions

Low-dose cancer screening has ushered in a new era of early detection for small cancer nodules. Along with the release of the results of the JCOG 0802 and CALGB 140503 trials, it is projected the number of segmentectomy procedures will grow.  Ziosoft’s award-winning software, Ziostation  REVORAS, provides an exceptionally user-friendly and intuitively designed pre-surgical planning tool, complete with stump view. With this revolutionary software, surgeons can visualize the patient’s thoracic anatomy in three dimensions. This allows for a better understanding of the positional relationships of the bronchi, pulmonary arteries, and veins during preoperative planning, as well as intraoperative guidance.

Key Features:
  • Revolutionizing 3D Simulation:
    Say goodbye to imaging challenges in surgery as we redefine 3D simulation from the surgeon’s perspective.
  • Ultra-Fast Image Processing:
    Automatic segmentation of the anatomy is complete within minutes.
  • Unparalleled Segmentation Accuracy:
  • Precision is our hallmark, ensuring the  more accurate segmentations.
  • Seamless & User-Friendly:
    Our software is designed for effortless navigation and operation.
  • Non-Contrasted or Contrasted CT Data Support:
    Pulmonary arteries and veins are automatically extracted from non-contrast images. There is no need to send the patient for
    another scan.
  • Surgical View-Aligned 3D Images:
  • Conquer variations in segmental lung anatomy for enhanced clarity.
  • Diverse Multiple Segmentectomy Simulation Options:
    Tailor your 3D simulations to your unique surgical strategies.
  • Stump Perspective Emulated:
    Achieve highly accurate segmentation while minimizing correction work. Visualize your division

REVORAS lung image
REVORAS lung image

The Ziosoft platform provides comprehensive applications for thoracic imaging needs.  As a software-only platform, it is designed to minimize the cost of ownership through Zioflex, a subscription program designed to provide a risk-free introduction of Ziosoft’s many advanced visualization clinical applications.

Join us in redefining the future of surgical imaging. Experience precision, speed, and ease-of-use like never before. Enhance your surgical planning experience today!